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28. May 2003 - Tobias Nopper
Catalan + Slovenic

Finally we got a new Language Pack in our download section with two new languages:
  • Catalan by Manel Vallès Rodríguez (complete)
  • Slovenic by Sebastijan Mravlek (no rules and tutorial)

28. December 2002 - Tobias Nopper
Turkish + Italian

Finally we got a new Language Pack in our download section with two new languages:
  • Turkish by Erdal Atik (complete)
  • Italian by Samuele Ferraboschi (complete)

7. Juli 2002 - Tobias Nopper
Aaand... Action!

We finally did it: This afternoon we played billiards with Christoph Brandes of Iguana Audioproduction, bringing two microphones and a DAT with him (Pictures), so now we got more than an hour of authentic billiards sounds we can take into the game.

By the way: BillardGL is now capable to play both sound and music (midi and mp3) thanks to SDL, but the implementation is not yet finished. BillardGL 1.80 is coming closer... ;)

28. Juni 2002 - Tobias Nopper

A FAQ has been added to this side answering the most common questions in our Forum including some new information. A must!

12. Juni 2002 - Tobias Nopper
Danish + Afrikaans

For the second time this week there is a new Language Pack in our download section with two new languages:
  • Danish by Palle Raabjerg (complete)
  • Afrikaans by Wilfried Henseler, Riaan van Jaarsveld and Edo Harms (complete)

6. June 2002 - Tobias Nopper
Mac OS X Port - French - Norwegian

Mark Pazolli ported BillardGL 1.75 to Mac OS X, you can find both the binary and the source code on the according site on idevgames or in our download section.

Additionaly there is a new language pack in our download section with two new languages:
  • French by Dr. Jérôme Villette (complete)
  • Norwegian by Sigve Indregard (complete)

26. April 2002 - Tobias Nopper
BillardGL 1.75

Another minor update:
  • Performance problems with some graphic cards (less than 5 fps) have been removed.
  • Some optical enhancements, like shadows of the cushions, a texturized table etc.
  • Diverse bugs discussed in the Forum were removed. Thanks a lot to all who posted :)

10. April 2002 - Tobias Nopper
BillardGL 1.72

Minor Update:
  • An ugly bug has been removed: If a ball was played against one of the little cushions next to the holes, it often stayed there, not moving anymore.
  • A third language has been added: Spanish by Juan Antonio León Machado.

8. April 2002 - Tobias Nopper
BillardGL 1.70

Major Release 1.70 is available for Windows and Linux in the Download Section
Major changes:
  • In-game tutorial and rules, both with new translated text.
  • All text ist read from a text file now, so more languages are possible. There is an own section for language files now
  • Because of that, most textures were kicked and the labels and paragraphs are now combined single characters. As a side effect, this reduces the download size to about 1/4.
  • Nearly every menu was extended, especially the graphics menu has much more options now, including 5 predefined quality steps.
  • The judge now tells you why you committed a foul
  • Fullscreen mode if supported by GLUT
  • An additional control method when holding the right mouse button.

28. März 2002 - Tobias Nopper

The BillardGL homepage has been extendend by a discussion board, which now offers the possibility to discuss about (almost) all the issues relevant to BillardGL:
  • Announcements & News
  • Bugs & Ideas: Everything you find to make BillardGL better
  • Graphics: Discussions of visual issues
  • General: Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.
We're looking forward to many interesting discussions.

27. Februar 2002 - Tobias Nopper
BillardGL 1.60

Major Release 1.60 is finally available for Linux in the Download Section.

18. Januar 2002 - Tobias Nopper
BillardGL 1.60

Major Release 1.60 is available for Windows in the Download Section, the Linux Version will take some more days to be finished.
Major changes:
  • The geometry of the balls was revised, changed and optimized for more speed
  • The balls are now drawn in different levels of detail depending on their distance to the camera
  • Both Players can now enter their names; they will be displayed in the game.
  • glut32.dll v3.7.6
  • Bugfixes, bugfixes... lots of bugfixes.
    Thanks to those who helped me find the errors

1. Oktober 2001 - Tobias Nopper
Major Release 1.50 for Linux and Windows are available for Download.
Major changes :
  • A 2-player-mode with referee has been implemented
  • The physic has been improved
  • Added to the table are all the usual lines and diamonds
  • All options will be saved
  • All playable balls are visuable during the game instead of the pocketed balls

24. September 2001 - Tobias Nopper
Minor Release 1.22 available for Download
Major changes :
  • Smoothly playable under Windows 98 and above thanks to the new glut.dll (17.8 Frames/sec -> 85.7 Frames/sec).
  • adjustable mouse-speed, menu has been completed (for all already existing modes)
  • The rotary velocity while aiming depends on the distance from the camera to the cue ball.
  • Up/Down is now available on keys 'Insert' and 'Delete'
  • More intelligent managment of textures saves RAM and loading time, many textures have been 'reduced'

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