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BillardGL © 2001 - 2008 by
T. Nopper, S. Disch, M. Welte


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The following languages do already exist for BillardGL:
  • German (complete)
  • English (complete)
  • Spanish (complete) by Juan Antonio León Machado
  • French (complete) by Dr. Jérôme Villette
  • Norwegian (complete) by Sigve Indregard
  • Danish (complete) by Palle Raabjerg
  • Afrikaans (complete) by Wilfried Henseler, Riaan van Jaarsveld and Edo Harms
  • Turkish (complete) by Erdal Atik
  • Italian (complete) by Samuele Ferraboschi
  • Catalan (complete) by Manel Vallès Rodríguez
  • Slovenic (no rules and tutorial) by Sebastijan Mravlek
You can find the newest language pack on our download page.

Add a new Language
When you're missing a language in BillardGL, you can add it very easily. All you have to do is to edit two text files. We will demonstrate the process with the language "alemannisch", a dialekt talked in southern black forest in germany, the region we live.

Step 1: Edit "999.lang"
Add the new language at the end of the main language file "999.lang", giving it a not yet used number.

Example for "999.lang" before:

900 Deutsch
901 English

Example for "999.lang" after:

900 Deutsch
901 English
902 Alemannisch

Schritt 2: Generate new language file
Copy an existing language file (e.g. "900.lang" for German or "901.lang" for English) to a new file calles "9xx.lang", where 9xx is the number you set for the language in "999.lang". In our example we copy "900.lang" to "902.lang".

Schritt 3: Translate
Translate every single line in the new file. The number the lines start with may not be altered. A text originally written in one line may not be broken into many lines.
A leading "//" signes a commentary. You may delete or comment complete lines, the missing text will be replaced by its english equivalent.

Example for "902.lang" before:

// Titel
0 BillardGL 1.70
1 © 2001, 2002 Tobias Nopper • Stefan Disch • Martina Welte
2 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Institut für Informatik
4 BillardGL comes with absolutely no warranty

10 Hauptmenu                        
11 Training
12 Zwei Spieler
13 Netzwerkspiel
14 Einstellungen
15 Computergegner
16 Beenden
17 Hilfe

Example for "902.lang" after:

// Titel
0 BillardGL 1.70
1 © 2001, 2002 Tobias Nopper • Stefan Disch • Martina Welte
2 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Friburg, Institut für d'Informatik
4 BillardGL kummt ohni jeglichi Gwährleischdung.

// Hauptsach
10 Hauptsach                   
11 Übe
12 Zwei Litt
13 Spiele im Internet
14 Istellunge
15 Künschdlich Spieler
16 Loß mi in Rueh...
17 Hilf m'r!

If you can't enter a special character with your keyboard or a special character is displayed wrong in BillardGL, use the following table to find the hexadecimal position of the character (e.g. ä = E4). Add the character at the desired place by using a hex editor.
Click on the table to enlarge

Step 4: Mail to
This is the most important step. Please send us both the new "999.lang" and your language file (zip prefered).
You may even send us unfinished language files, maybe there's someone else who wants to finish it. In this case please add a comment what is missing in your the language file (e.g. tutorial, rules...)

A big thank you for all of you who help us to make BillardGL international.